Our Development Models

Our vision is to deliver innovative and cutting edge developments whilst providing customer service that is beyond expectation. To deliver smartly designed, highly liveable and great value properties for the enjoyment of all demographics, in buildings which add to the rich urban fabric and evolving skyline.

To achieve this, we have established three development models that ensure all PDG developments meet the high benchmarks our clients have come to expect.

PDG Integrated projects comprise a combination of either commercial, office, retail and/or residential properties within a single precinct within greater Melbourne.

Environment Context

Mixed use developments comprise a combination of residential, retail, commercial or office properties. Done well they bring together related or symbiotic businesses to increase business traffic as well as providing a vibrant location and added conveniences to residents through built-in amenity.

The PDG Promise

PDG Integrated projects deliver innovative solutions to create buildings which are amongst the city’s most enjoyable places to work, live and socialise. By working in close collaboration with each project partner, keeping end user experience as the focus and thinking outside the square, PDG relentlessly pursues the best possible outcomes for each party.

Our four key standards

All PDG Integrated developments will consider and achieve the following qualities as standard.

Integration of

relevant tenancies



Flexibility to individual

tenant needs

Innovative solutions to provide

synergies from unification

PDG City Developments

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