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PDG Head Office

PDG designed its head office as a tailor-made headquarters for multiple groups within its greater family of companies. Our base of operations was in need of a refresh in order to match the quality and capabilities put forth by our products.

We also sought to meet modern working demands – encouraging productivity and collaboration – while playing a positive role in employee wellbeing.

PDG worked with Studio Tate to ensure the fit-out matched the PDG brand and approach – luxurious with special attention to detail. Overcoming design assumptions related to the site’s unique octagonal shape, PDG and Studio Tate proved the potential for efficient, comfortable and well-populated office space within an eight-sided floorplate.

Studio Tate applies a specific, descriptive concept to each project – an idea they call a “brain story”. For PDG’s HQ, this was the tailored suit.

A grand, open entry and reception area features sophisticated textures and a series of black, white, walnut and tan tones to evoke qualities of an elegantly suited individual. The Bolon floor finish has a loose white textural pattern through a black base, replicating stitch details.

In the workspace area, the tailored suit moves to a more relaxed fit, incorporating patches of greenery and a brighter palette. Desks are set off the site’s perimeter and positioned perpendicular to windows, providing better circulation and access to CBD views. The rear of the workspace opens out into a kitchen and café-like dining space – tranquil and reminiscent of Melbourne’s stylish cafes.

Sophisticated details, fittings and finishes all play a part in translating the tailored suit concept. As a result, this unique project is akin to a high-end residence or hotel, bringing a sense of luxury and comfort to the workplace.


17/501 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000






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