Over the last 35 years, PDG has brought a range of commercial, residential, office, retail and mixed-use developments to life. In fact, we have finished every single project that we have ever committed to.

Made in Melbourne
Successful and trusted developers

Made in Melbourne

PDG is a privately owned, Melbourne based property organisation that has continued under its original leadership and direction for the last three decades. The business has grown organically from humble beginnings to become one of Melbourne’s most successful and trusted developers. We are experienced commercial property developers, commercial building developers, residential property developers, apartment builders and office building developers.
3 generations of family

3 Generations of family

PDG was established by Vince Giuliano as a boutique designer-builder company in the mid-1980’s. Influenced by his father Antonino Giuliano, an Italian migrant who came to Australia in 1956 and started in the business of designing and building homes. Antonino passed his passion for property to the entire Giuliano family, with many family members working in PDG today. They are now one of the most recognised brands in the Australian development industry.

We approach each and every development as an opportunity to create better places to work, live and interact – to build communities and to add lasting value to the local landscape.

Places for people
Places for people

Places for people

To achieve this, we have established three development models that ensure all PDG developments meet the high benchmarks our clients have come to expect.  
holistic approach

Our holistic approach

By managing the entire development process, we can deliver better value, higher quality and a more personalised service to our clients. PDG provides continuous project management across the full life of a development. Our end-to-end delivery model allows us to have complete control over the quality of the design – and greater flexibility to respond to market requirements. The result? Cost efficiencies that are passed on to clients.  

We select our locations and design our sites with a people-first approach – driving development of properties that provide exceptional accessibility and amenities while enhancing local culture.


Our Associated Group of Companies

PDG recognises that signing a contract for a new apartment is only the first step in your property journey. To help guide you through this often-challenging process, we have established a group of associated businesses that span the full spectrum of property.