PDG Celebrates Elizabeth North Stage 2 Milestone

16 May 2023

Last week PDG, CSL and Roberts Co, came together to celebrate the collaborative efforts in delivering CSL’s new Global Headquarters and Centre for R&D.

The occasion was marked by a cocktail event hosted at Veriu Hotel QVM which overlooks the northern edge of the city where the new landmark vertical headquarters now resides. The night was all about sharing in this collective milestone, brought together by Veriu and local vendors Brick Lane Brewing and The Epicurean.

Key partners from CSL, PDG and Roberts Co delivered speeches, congratulating the respective teams for the immense effort they had invested in the past three-and-a-half-year delivery programme.

Managing Director of PDG, Vince Giuliano acknowledged the persistence and determination demonstrated by the entire team.

“Despite the extraordinary challenges that we all faced and no one was prepared for, the entire team continued to work hard and diligently to deliver CSL’s amazing and unique headquarters, which now makes one of Australia’s leading companies more visible.

The successful delivery is a testament to the genuine, unwavering collaboration between CSL’s delivery team headed up by Brian Price, PDG’s development team led by Development Director Sebastian Mahoney and Project Director Alex Paterson, construction partner Roberts Co, architects Cox, and all the consultants.”

Congratulations to all involved in the project, PDG looks forward to the start of a new era which will see CSL’s headquarters attract the brightest minds from Australia, and around the world, to make a positive impact for future generations to come.