CSL Lights Up: A Glowing Beacon for the Wider Biomedical Precinct

13 Sep 2022

On the 8th of September, a lighting-up ceremony of the new CSL sign took place at Royal Elizabeth adjacent to Elizabeth North. Key members of the project including PDG, CSL, and Roberts Co gathered to celebrate the illumination of the sign as the development progresses towards final completion.

Elizabeth North Stage 2 is set to be home to CSL Limited’s new global headquarters, currently being led by PDG’s Project Director Alex Paterson.

When PDG went to Council with their vision for the future headquarters, Deputy Lord Mayor Nick Reece stated that he wanted the sky signs to act as a beacon for the wider biomedical precinct. At more than 80 metres above Elizabeth Street, it’s clear the wishes of the Council have been achieved with the 5.5 metre high CSL letters glowing for decades to come.

On the night, PDG Founder and Managing Director, Vince Giuliano spoke of the immense effort, persistence, and determination that it had taken to reach such a significant milestone.

“Despite the extraordinary challenges faced in the past nine months, the entire team has continued to work hard to deliver this amazing and unique exemplar global headquarters for one of Australia’s leading biotech companies, CSL.”

“I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank and acknowledge Andrew Roberts and the entire team at Roberts Co for their willingness to continue with CSL and PDG’s vision. I’d also like to thank John and Brian and the team at CSL for their trust and genuine ability to collaborate professionally and fairly,” Mr Giuliano said.

The CSL sign’s illumination was completed with a final countdown and push of a button by CSL Project Director Brian Price which lit up Melbourne’s iconic cityscape.

The team’s dedicated partnership, solidified by their collective strength for conquering challenges, delivered an outstanding world-leading headquarters that will be sure to make a positive impact on Australia’s biomedical sector for future generations.