PDG Speaks at Build-to-Rent Summit

02 Jul 2024

PDG’s Development Director, Sebastian Mahoney had the pleasure of speaking at this year’s The Urban Developer’s Build-to-Rent Summit.

The event, hosted at Melbourne’s Metropolis Events on June 20, brought together a diverse group of guest speakers, developers, investors, and industry leaders to engage in a discussion about the prevailing trends, challenges, and opportunities within the Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector.

During a panel discussion, Sebastian Mahoney, along with Angela Buckley, Head of Build-to-Rent at Mirvac, and Christian Grahame, Head of Home at HOME, explored how innovative deal structures can drive BTR projects forward amidst a challenging delivery environment.

“The event served as an excellent platform to explore the advantages of Build-to-Rent projects being delivered by leading developers, such as PDG,” says Sebastian Mahoney. “It highlighted how these projects can be realised cost-effectively while mitigating key risks for BTR operators.”

“PDG has established itself as a significant force in this domain delivering turn-key and quality outcomes for major institutions at a number of strategic locations, and with more in the pipeline.”

While there has been a limited amount of turn-key transactions in the Build-to-Rent space, PDG has actively participated in a number of these, establishing a solid track record in facilitating successful outcomes.

According to reports in The Urban Developer, the volume of Build-to-Rent apartments under construction has surged by 65 per cent, with projections indicating there will be 18,500 units in the market by the end of 2024.

This expansion reflects a strategic shift in the real estate sector, as BTR presents a lower market risk compared to traditional Build-to-Sell models. Renters benefit from stability, avoiding the volatility of property value fluctuations and the broader financial uncertainties that often accompany real estate markets.

In light of the persistent rental shortages plaguing metropolitan regions across Australia, the BTR model is emerging as a compelling solution for both developers and residents alike. As the sector continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to the industry’s adaptability and commitment to meeting the housing needs of a changing demographic landscape.

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