Our Culture: Achieving Success Together

27 Mar 2024

At PDG, we take pride in nurturing a culture that reflects our family values and shares a common goal. The four key values that we live and work by are based on being our BEST so that our clients and partners can achieve a greater outcome than originally imagined.

– Be Inspiring
– Evolve Within
– Stay Persistent
– Think Family

“As industry leaders, we encourage our staff to bring each of these values into their work ethic and daily interactions with one another,” says People and Culture Manager, Maddi Lloyd.

“We want all our staff to become champions of their domain – and we help them in whatever way possible to achieve this. That’s why we prioritise upskilling and supporting them in the growth of their careers and learning possibilities, specifically through regular one-on-one meetings, lunch and learn sessions, and quarterly BEST Awards.”

For almost four decades, PDG has built a workplace where collaboration is not just encouraged but ingrained, where every voice is heard, and where we all work towards achieving a shared goal.

Our second core value, Evolve Within, empowers staff to not only excel in their current roles but also pursue leadership positions within their respective domains and explore exciting opportunities across different departments.

Michael Szulc started as a Graduate Project Manager at PDG in 2021 and in the space of two and a half years has grown to become an Assistant Project Manager.

“My growth at PDG has been quite organic since first joining,” says Michael. “When I started, in those first six months, I learnt a lot from the project team and became familiar with the QVM hub development at the time. After graduating from university, I began to work on tasks more independently, taking the lead on projects and seeing the completion of the QVM tower.”

Michael’s recent involvement at Gadsden, where he played a pivotal role in settlements and inspections, stands testament to his continual dedication and expertise – crediting his growth to the project team’s leaders who mentored him along the way.

PDG strives to create an environment where every individual can flourish and contribute to our collective success. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape, we remain steadfast in the idea that together, we are stronger.

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