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Who We Are: Our Enduring Legacy

20 Feb 2024

Over the past 39 years, PDG has played an instrumental role in bringing forth a diverse range of commercial, residential, office, retail, and mixed-use developments to life.

Under the guidance of its original leadership and direction, PDG has grown organically from humble beginnings to become one of Melbourne’s most successful and trusted developers.

The start of the PDG journey can be traced back to the mid-1980s when Vince Giuliano established the business as a boutique designer-builder. Influenced by his father, Antonino Giuliano – an Italian migrant who arrived in Australia in 1956 and immersed himself in renovating and building homes – Vince inherited a profound passion for the realm of property.

Since then, PDG has grown beyond its initial focus on premium residences with a diversified portfolio that now spans landmark commercial developments. Showcasing a spectrum of successfully completed projects including world-class research laboratories, state-of-the-art offices, Build to Rent apartments, boutique hotels, fine grain retail spaces, and luxury townhouses.

“PDG’s legacy lies in our dedication to developing better places to work, live, and interact – fostering communities and adding lasting value to the local landscape,” says Founder and Managing Director Vince Giuliano. “We consistently strive to deliver projects that exceed the highest standards, to create spaces that resonate with people on a personal level.”

Some of PDG’s achievements over the years have included the renowned residential towers Abode318 and Prima Tower, both celebrated for their excellence in design and luxury amenity. Another landmark milestone was the completion of the Elizabeth North health and life sciences precinct in 2023. Home to CSL Limited’s Global Headquarters and a new campus for the Royal Melbourne Hospital, the site seamlessly blends energy-efficient design and enhanced indoor environmental quality for improved productivity.

In addition, the QVM Munro precinct stands as an exemplar for holistic sustainability and for its significant impact on the greater community. Nestled in the heart of the iconic Queen Victoria Market, this development comprises a boutique 110-room hotel, retail spaces, and 490 Build to Rent apartments. PDG also partnered with The City of Melbourne to deliver a 500 underground carpark, new city library (narrm ngarrgu), community and event spaces, along with 48 affordable residences.

Beyond bricks and mortar, QVM Munro reflects a commitment to service – a commitment that extends to the local council, the surrounding community, and the city at large. By creating spaces that resonate with the values and aspirations of the community, PDG showcases a profound understanding of its role in shaping not just structures, but the very fabric of the city’s social and cultural tapestry.

What distinguishes PDG today is their holistic approach that transcends the conventional developer’s role. The essence of being more than just a property developer is a guiding principle that underpins the lifecycle of a project. This ethos is embodied through the establishment and growth of several affiliated companies in a comprehensive end-to-end offering. From real estate services and facilities management to strata management, interior design, building fitouts through to ongoing construction needs.

“We have evolved into a company that surpasses expectations throughout every stage of a project, from its inception to completion and beyond. Our affiliated businesses carry on PDG’s commitment to customer service and quality, providing assistance at every step of the property journey.”

Looking ahead, PDG will forge new paths beyond Melbourne to create exceptional mixed-use developments. Together with key partners, the team will shape skylines, transform local communities, and build a legacy that resonates from coast to coast.

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